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  • Worker working in a sandblast workshop
  • A big storage tank with floating roof. Tank in maintenance and sandblasting.

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Get commercial painting, pressure cleaning, and flooring services all in one place!

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For all your queries and concerns, or if you want to start a consultation, feel free to phone us at (410) 903-1736 or fill out the form on this page.

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Our mission is to make your job simpler and hassle-free, no matter what it takes. We work to inform our customers to improve their expertise and knowledge of facility maintenance, present new methodologies, or assess legal impact. We get rid of the issues which you up always at night.

Longstanding Placements

We can offer superior and top-notch employee on staff, trained expertly to perform each job, without stressing you with managing or hiring. A superb member of our team can work full time on your major issues. When we are working behind the scenes, you look like a real hero.

Sunday or sundown, we will meet your schedule and go beyond your expectations, along with our team in the field as well as a support team in the office working in performance to provide remarkable results. No matter how forbidding the work, we will show up in the most professional uniforms and crisp trucks. And the only things we will leave behind is your job done to perfection.

REFF Services will manage all of your problems as efficient and as quick as possible!

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Our expert, reliable and experienced staff have years of experience to offer you a competitive and realistic quote you can depend on. We’ve been in business for many years and established a sterling reputation around our dependable and honest service.

For all your queries and concerns, or if you want to start a consultation, feel free to phone us at (410) 903-1736.


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