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Man in protective gear sandblasting a giant metal wheel
A big storage tank with floating roof.
Green toned towers on a chemical factory


  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Snow deicing/plowing
  • Commercial & Residential power wash
  • Soft washing of roofs
  • Concrete cleaning
Epoxy and Polyurea
  • Commercial and industrial applications
  • Floor coatings
  • Offshore applications
  • Structural crack repairs

Unique Painting And Polyurea Coating Solutions Customized For Your Industrial Needs


Reff Services offers a wide range of industrial coating and painting services, and we take pride in the level of expertise we possess. Anyone could paint or coat exterior wall systems, but it takes a passionate and experienced team to pay rapt attention to details and deliver unmatched services. Here at Reff Services, we’re committed to delivering the best quality industrial painting and coating services, and this spans across polyurea and epoxy coatings.


At Reff Services, we believe in customer satisfaction through expert and quality service delivery. So we go far and beyond to ensure we help all our clients to save cost by protecting their industrial equipment with our specialty coatings. With an in-depth understanding of coating materials and their underlying chemical compositions, we know when and where to use idea coating materials. We don’t just coat, or paint to prevent corrosion. Our coatings are abrasion resistance, waterproof, chemical resistant, and environmentally friendly.


Why Choose Us?

A Wealth of Experience

Reff Services houses industry experts who have years of individual and combined experience in handling various sizes of projects, despite the complexity. We take pride in our years of quality service and draw on our expertise to offer best polyurea and painting services to all our clients.


Bespoke and Unique Services

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all type of service. We realize that each business or client comes to us with their particular needs, so what works for one wouldn’t be perfect for the other. That’s why we take our time to understand the needs of each client before we map out a working process and select materials to be used for the bespoke service delivery.

Super Quality Coating and Painting Materials

Our commitment to delivering more than the usual experience to all our customers make us use super quality materials for our painting and industrial coating processes. We’re proud to provide energy field coatings, polyurea, and epoxy coatings with the best of materials that are environmentally friendly.


At Reff Services, we put the interest of our clients first and fold our sleeves to get to work, ensuring that we exceed each client’s expectations. We believe that our brand grows when we prove our expertise while working on each industrial coating or commercial painting project. That’s why you’ll never find an unsatisfied client in our portfolio. Contact us now to see why we’re a leading brand in the painting and coating industry.

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