Sandblasting Services

Since 2005, REFF LLC has been servicing commercial clients in Maryland (MD), Washington, DC and vicinities.

Sandblasting can quickly and efficiently be used as a rust remover and paint remover from materials such as steel, concrete, and plastic. Abrasive blast cleaning can also be used to remove imperfections in paint and sealants, and surface preparation for material coatings. Sandblasting has been used for many years on a wide variety of materials.

Wet sandblasting is one the most common blasting techniques, while dry sandblasting uses highly pressurized air instead of water. Soda blasting uses baking soda instead of sand which is more suitable for materials such as plastic and wood.

Reff Services offers different types of wet and dry abrasive sandblasting services including wet sandblasting, dry sandblasting, and soda blasting.

Sandblasting Equipment

Many businesses require the use of sandblasting and our company has the sandblasting equipment and tools to service different types of materials. Reff services uses professional equipment such as the EcoQuip from Graco which produces less dust than traditional dry blasting and can be used with coarse, fine, and non-destructive media.

Reff Services applies operating safety standards and uses the correct equipment when working on the job, and especially when sandblasting.

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