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Sandblasting and Painters in York, PA

Get commercial painting, pressure cleaning, and flooring services all in one place!

Reff Services are experts in renovation and commercial and industrial service job. This experience delivers high-quality services for painting, sandblasting, epoxy flooring and power washing to clients at all times in York PA. 

What to Expect from Our Team and Experienced Staff? 

We will do our best to provide you with the best available services for painting and sandblasting in York PA. We also meet expectations and make sure that our customers are happy. We take pride in giving our highest quality services such as commercial painting, epoxy flooring, sandblasting and power washing. 

Expect the following from us: 

Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff

High-Quality and Durable Materials 

Speedy Project Completion 

Superb Results

Our goal is to deliver you the best services. We make use of high-quality tools and equipment to deliver good results. We can also offer you all of these services just by using leading industry tools and materials. If you want to take a look at the different services that we offer, head over to our services pages or give us a call.  

We are an insured and licensed commercial and industrial renovation company that will give you super high-quality exterior and interior painting. Just let us know and we will assist you. We provide our commercial painting service at a reasonable price and with the deadlines.

Power washing or the pressure washing is our effective and most efficient service we can offer to you when it comes to cleaning. It is a great way to take away hard-to-remove stains on your decks, car parks, building exterior walls, footpaths, and other outside surfaces of your property. This is one of the ideal ways that you can get to clean your surfaces without the use of any harmful compounds. It will remove all dust and dirt in many areas of your property.

If you are searching for the best epoxy flooring service, then it is best for you to work with us. We will give the best flooring services that you will always love. We are composed of well-trained and fully-equipped experts that understand all your needs and can meet your expectations.

If you want to remove all the dirt, dust, and unpleasant things attached on the surface of your property, then it is best for you to work with us. We will give you the sandblasting service that will leave your surfaces well-cleaned and smooth within a short time.

Explore More About Our Services

Our expert, reliable and experienced staff have years of experience to offer you a competitive and realistic quote you can depend on. We’ve been in business for many years and established a sterling reputation around our dependable and honest service.

For all your queries and concerns, or if you want to start a consultation, feel free to phone us at (410) 903-1736.


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