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Baltimore Polyurea Coating

Custom polyurea coating services. Adhesive, ceramic, concrete/cement, elastomer, epoxy, hard coating, Inconel®, iron, micro zinc phosphate, zinc and urethane coating services are available from Reff Services for the Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas. Polyuria is an elastomer derived from the reaction product of synthetic resin blend component and an isocyanate component. This current coating technology blends the best of all coatings into one product and makes it up to twenty times tougher than epoxy. You can count on REFF Services for all your polyuria coating Baltimore Maryland needs!

Polyurea Coatings for Protection in Demanding Environments

Polyurea coating has been sought-after across the globe for its versatility, flexibility, and durability. It is employed across industries for corrosion protection, waterproofing, containment of water, toxic and chemical substances, mechanical equipment, and flooring presently. This type of coating is flexible regarding substrates as well. It’s applicable on plastics, plaster, wood, metals, concrete and more substances.

Our team utilizes state of the art equipment and superior quality products at a very reasonable cost. We know that each client is unique and has diverse needs and expectations. That’s why we keep a high level of client service. With support from beginning to end, we carry out every task most efficiently and safely possible, along with safe working techniques put in place to lessen risk and environmental impact. They also have massive benefits over traditional materials because of their fast application period, quick set natural, durability characteristics, and high elongation.



With REFF Services, our focus is our customers. We are continuously honing our processes to revolve around the vision, expectations, and needs of our clients. Adaptability, customization, and innovation is the formula we employ to offer satisfaction to every client year over year.


REFF Services can install the latest polyurea elastomers to meet the commercial needs of your company. Whatever industry you are in such as cold storage warehouses, grocery stores, restaurants, pharmaceutical plants, or food processing facilities, our polyurea coating Baltimore Maryland services got you covered. Our solid polyurea systems also offer almost everlasting traffic coatings which can handle autos, forklifts, and other extra traffic. That will provide you superior safety, protection, durability, and aesthetics.


We are proud to be a part of this technology. As mentioned earlier, there are many uses for such innovative coating systems. From industrial floor coatings to tank linings, allow REFF Services to show you some of the features and benefits of these polyurea coating Baltimore, Maryland services.


The materials typically need to dry to touch times of fifteen (15) to forty-five (45) seconds and back in service within three (3) hours. You will also find various versions accessible such as epoxy modified products which are made to meet the needs of the customer. The quick return to service is perfect for plan shutdowns where the time is crucial.

REFF Services provide a unique range of 100% polyurea coatings that will surely fit a variety of industry sectors and applications. The cost of this material is very competitive with the cheapest hybrid polyurea coatings provided by other companies.


Call us today for a free polyurea coating Baltimore Maryland estimate when you want to:

  • Protect your chemical units
  • Coat your drainage channels
  • Receive amazing durability properties
  • Save cost on floor maintenance


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