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When lead is discovered, homeowners frequently hire removal services in addition to standard paint removal projects. These projects necessitate the staging of the working site safely for the homeowner, neighbors, and workers. When lead is discovered in an existing coating, the lead paint removal team at Reff Services has the skills and qualifications to execute the task safely and to a high standard. Under the supervision of a skilled hand, we can protect the integrity and historical relevance of surfaces using a laser paint removal machine in Baltimore MD, and nearby areas. Complete paint removal on old-growth siding, removal of numerous lead coatings, use of lead-safe stripping technologies, hot water washing, and the proper layers to fully preserve surfaces for years to come are examples of these scenarios. Reff Services understands how to handle your project with care. We take the time to examine what needs to be done since we take a customized approach. We will plan to provide you with what you want, whether to remove paint to expose brick or to remove peeling color. We have invested in professional equipment, a laser paint removal machine in Baltimore MD, thoroughly tested and proven safe. We altogether remove the lead paint as an expert lead paint removal business. This might be a stand-alone procedure, or the application of a coating can follow it.

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Reff Services is an industry-leading surface solution provider with years of experience. We offer various abrasive blasting services, such as paint and rust removal. We are a fully insured service provider with a competent and experienced team of specialists dedicated to providing excellent client service. We also make every effort to use the most environmentally friendly options available. This signifies that our work has a low environmental impact.

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Are you seeking a reliable paint removal service provider in Baltimore, MD, or nearby areas? Please contact us for a no-obligation quote for reliable paint removal services using an efficient laser paint removal machine in Baltimore MD, and the nearby regions. Our professional experts will treat your property like their own and provide you with desired results while keeping you satisfied and staying within your budget. Talk to our experts by calling us at 410-903-1736 and let us know what you need, and we’ll get your job done as quickly as possible!

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