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Painting Contractors in Hagerstown, MD

Get commercial painting, pressure cleaning, and flooring services all in one place!

We are a company that can provide top-notch and superior staff for commercial and industrial painting, power washing, epoxy flooring and sandblasting. As top painting contractors in Hagerstown, MD, we have the expertise to do the job well. Be assured that you will be free from stress when it comes to your project.

What to Expect from Our Team and Experienced Staff? 

The well-trained and fully-equipped team at Reff Services can handly any big project such as painting or sandblasting. We will surely go beyond our best and meet your expectations as leading contractors in Hagerstown, MD. With the presence of our team in the working field and our support staff that will do the office task,  you will surely get outstanding results. It doesn’t matter how forbidding and tiring the work is, what’s important is that we meet your needs with our crisp trucks, professional uniforms, and skilled staff.

We will get the work done easier and faster than you think. Here at Reff Services, we will give you a high-quality commercial painting service that will prevent you from hiring painters that do an unsatisfactory job. We will provide you with good craftsmanship, we will not damage your property, and we will not require you to wait for a long time to complete the job. We will always be at your property once you call us and will leave after completing the job to our highest standards. Our staff and team have experience in exterior and interior painting in all types of commercial and industrial properties such as warehouses, offices, gyms, warehouses, and many more.

Power washing, or also called pressure washing, is the process of removing dirt, mud, dust, chewing gum, grime, mold or loose paint on the surface of an object such as concrete surfaces, vehicles, buildings and many more through the use of high-pressure water spray. If you need this, just let our team know, and we will do the cleaning required in your property!

Our epoxy flooring services will give you high-quality floor coatings that will leave your industrial or commercial floors durable and smooth that will last for an extended period of time. It will also make the floor capable of holding heavy things and equipment.

We also offer sandblasting services. This is a process that is commonly used when preparing the wall surface for a resurfacing job. It is the one that produces some irregularities like a scratch or shallow dents. This can improve the strength of your wall’s bond. If you want this sandblasting service, do not hesitate to make a call or visit our website.

Explore More About Our Services

Our expert, reliable and experienced staff have years of experience to offer you a competitive and realistic quote you can depend on. We’ve been in business for many years and established a sterling reputation around our dependable and honest service.

For all your queries and concerns, or if you want to start a consultation, feel free to phone us at (410) 903-1736.


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