Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy provides many benefits, but we can try to narrow that list down to the top reasons you should be considering an epoxy coat for your flooring needs. Wanting to protect your garage or industrial flooring from wear and tear (or vice versa), epoxy flooring is the way to go.

It's Tough.

You'd have to be too to support 3,000-plus pounds of car! Epoxy has long been the go-to choice for garage and industrial floor treatments because it can withstand weight, pressure, and impact from heavy objects without becoming damaged. With epoxy, you don't have to be concerned about chipping or cracking. Two main components make up the mixture for epoxy flooring, a resin and a hardener. Together, these elements bond to protect surfaces from whatever they need protecting from in a super-durable seal.

Really Tough.

Not only does epoxy do well with the big stuff, it is also resistant to chemical damage. Whether your tires track in salt during the winter or your car has an oil leak, epoxy is resistant to many harsh solvents and will stay looking good and performing well long after it is applied. And if epoxy coating can keep out chemicals, a little rainwater or snow will be easy to fend off, making it a perfect all-weather material.

It can be used almost anywhere.

While certainly popular for outdoor and high-traffic areas, epoxy floor coating can also be used indoors to protect hardwood floors or tile from day-to-day issues. And unlike stain coating, which can be tricky to apply and uneven in its results, epoxy does double duty as both a consistent and glossy finish for your flooring. And on that note...

It looks good.

A high-polish shine and a variety of color options are what epoxy can offer you on top of its other benefits.

And It's good for you.

You may wonder whether some flooring options can actually be healthier than others. Epoxy shows that they can be; for businesses such as food services that need tidy, easy-to-maintain workspaces, epoxy is a top choice because it doesn't allow cracks to form and collect dust and dirt, and it is easy to clean. It's also fire-resistant, making it the safe pick as well!

With epoxy, you get the most for your money: durable, attractive, and low-maintenance flooring that you can count on.

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