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Commercial Roof Cleaning

Pressure washing is an efficient way to eliminate tough stains on footpaths, building exterior walls, car parks, decks, and other surfaces. It’s a great way to clean surfaces with no chemicals and other active agents. It allows dust and dirt in the top of roofs, tight and narrow corners of windows, and other accessible areas to removed. REFF Services provides pressure washing services for commercial buildings across Maryland and surrounding areas.

We are Professional Commercial Roof Cleaners

We have a team of experienced and skilled roof cleaners who are always available to provide advice and service for your roof cleaning needs. Everyone on the team is trained in the right ways of cleaning and restoring roofs. A well-maintained roof makes it easy to identify possible areas for repairs. We will also keep an eye out for hail damage or almost-invisible holes that your team might have missed. This way, minor issues can be fixed before they become costly problems.


Roof cleaning in Baltimore Maryland also keeps the building energy-efficient as it helps maintain a lower surface temperature that lowers energy consumption and prolongs the lifespan of the roof membrane itself. Moisture is eliminated as well. Fallen leaves and debris may hold water and cause a variety of problems such as ponding, rusting, blistering, splitting and leaks.

Keeping the roof clean is also essential to protect the health of your employees. Algae and mold are unsightly and dangerous to health. It can affect the quality of air inside the building and cause various health concerns like allergies and respiratory problems. We don’t just remove algae and mold. We also prevent its future growth by using the right chemicals and cleaning procedures.


A clean roof can minimize fire hazards and help you make a great first impression as it shows customers that you care about your business. If the roof is neglected, it will deteriorate and require a replacement. It can also reduce your property’s value and leave it more vulnerable to environmental elements, pests, and harsh weather.


REFF LLC is the cleaner for all your industrial and commercial cleaning needs at 410-903-1736.


Roof cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland can provide the preventative maintenance needed to increase the building’s lifespan and protect your investment. Allow us to take care of your roof! If your roof is professionally sealed and cleaned, it will be easier to clean in the future, and it will be hard for dirt to accumulate.

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Call us for a free roof cleaning estimate when you want to:

  • Protect your employees
  • Protect your investment
  • Eliminate moisture and fire hazards
  • Improve your building’s curb appeal
  • Destroy algae and other bacteria
  • Meet local requirements

Call today for a free estimate: (410) 903-1736
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