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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an efficient way to eliminate tough stains on footpaths, building exterior walls, car parks, decks, and other surfaces. It’s a great way to clean surfaces with no chemicals and other active agents. It allows dust and dirt in the top of roofs, tight and narrow corners of windows, and other accessible areas to removed. REFF Services provides pressure washing services for commercial buildings across Maryland and surrounding areas.

Effective, Punctual and Reliable – We Clean It All

REFF Services is a professional pressure cleaning services. We invest massively in the current equipment and strategies. That guarantees you receive the best results possible and you receive an excellent price as well. Along with our effective and state-of-the-art equipment, we earn amazing results easily and quickly, allowing you to save money and time too!


Cleaning your exterior surfaces is all about more than improving the look, even though that’s undoubtedly one of the significant benefits. You see, it is all about protecting the integrity and guaranteeing that no harmful substances can form and pose a threat in your employees. Our team of pressure cleaners will handle the cleaning surfaces such as sidewalks, pavers, siding, and even your commercial machinery.


We are unique from other cleaning services in the area. We only use modern, highly pressurized cleaning equipment which is far superior and more efficient than the average garden hose, or electrical pressure cleaners.

When we talk about hard stains and tough dirt on any surface, you need to use the ideal cleaning technique to get rid of such stains totally. That’s where our pressure washing specialists come in! We will handle all the hard cleaning for you, and we provide the best cleaning results!


As a Pressure Cleaning Company, we truly believe that a clean surface improves the look of the entire building. Therefore, if you find yourself with a surface which is a great need of cleaning; do not waste your resources, effort, and time. Call us immediately and experience the services of our reliable and friendly pressure washing specialists.


Our team will get to work, changing the stained or dirty surfaces into a clean, attractive surface, in the most efficient way. Along with our recycling water unit, there’s no need for you to worry about a shortage of water. That’s because we carry out the pressurized washing, without wasting any water and without any water interruptions. In that way, we perform the job quickly and efficiently

When you request REFF Services’ expert pressure washing services, you are sure to be surprised at the result. Years of mold, algae, and grime will be eradicated quickly.


REFF LLC is the cleaner for all your industrial and commercial cleaning needs at 410-903-1736.


If you are interested in using our pressure washing services for your commercial business, or if you have any concerns, call today for a free estimate:  (410) 903-1736 

Call us today for a free pressure washing estimate when you want to:

  • Improve the beauty of your entire commercial building
  • Save effort, money and time
  • Get professional cleaning expertise
  • Get the most value for your business
  • Get rid of mold, algae, grime, and dirt

Call today for a free estimate: (410) 903-1736
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