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Commercial Power Washing

If you have issues with mold, mildew, dirt, grime, pollutants, stains, graffiti, ivy roots, mud, grease, gasoline stains, tire stains, diesel stains and more, we are the right one for you. Call REFF LLC for a free estimate today: 410-903-1736.

Since 2005…

Since 2005, REFF LLC Power Washing has been servicing commercial clients in Maryland (MD), Washington, DC and vicinities. Whether you need to pressure wash a single driveway or an entire parking garage, REFF LLC has the experience and expertise you need.


Commercial pressure washing typically makes use of a steady and somewhat powerful stream of hot water. The temperature of the water is key to allowing the power washing equipment to work properly. By setting the temperature gauge to a specific setting, it is possible to dislodge items such as chewing gum from sidewalks and decks with ease. At the same time, the stream of hot water also comes in handy in killing moss and weeds, and ridding the surface of any mold or mildew that has built up. If there is a lot of gunk and other matter to cut through, a power wash is the way to go.

By contrast, commercial pressure washing relies on the force of the water stream rather than the temperature. A commercial pressure wash works very well for cleaning surface dirt from walkways, walls, patios and decks. Pressure washing masonry cleaning is especially common, as the technique does an excellent job with any type of concrete, brick, or cinder block construction. When there is no ground-in dirt or mold to contend with, pressure washing provides a quick and easy cleaning solution.


We have been providing commercial power washing and commercial pressure washing services to night clubs, gas stations, building exteriors and parking lots locally in Baltimore. We are second to none in commercial power washing and pressure washing services.

REFF LLC is the cleaner for all your industrial and commercial cleaning needs at 410-903-1736.


People in Baltimore and Washington, DC have seen us making the difference when it comes to commercial pressure washing and commercial power washing services. Sidewalks, bricks, masonry, concrete, and roofs are some of the few things we work on. Call us for a free estimate today at 410-903-1736.If you have a painting project to do, you do have a professional commercial/industrial painting company on your side.


Call today for a free estimate: (410) 903-1736
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