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Spruce Up for Spring: 5 Signs You Need a Professional Power Washing

Power washing helps to improve your business’s curb appeal, is an effective and fast way to clean, and works on a variety of different building and materials.

It can eliminate graffiti, prevent expensive repairs, and even get rid of nasty mold and mildew. 

Plus, let’s be honest: it’s incredibly satisfying

So, what are the top signs it’s time to hire power washing services?

Keep on reading this post to find out. 

1. Your Outside Entrance-way or Employee Gathering Spots are a Disaster

Nails popping out of wood, concrete is caked in grime and mud, and your clients risk getting splinters and its just unsightly.

These are all signs that the outside areas of your building need a pressure wash ASAP. Old nails can cause rust stains, and dirt can weaken the integrity of the surface.

When you properly clean a wood structure, you’ll also be able to tell which parts can be salvaged and which ones should be replaced.

2. Your Roof is Discolored 

Have you noticed dark patches of filth on the roof of your building? 

What about overflowing gutters, indicating that your roof has likely been collecting things like leaves and twigs for quite some time? 

These are clear signs that your roof is in need of a power washing. 

Just make sure that, when you see the pressure washing signs for a roof cleaning, you work with experts who use soft washing techniques. 

This will help you to avoid damaging the roof, blowing off shingles, and making the problem worse than it already is. 

3. Your Energy Bill is Higher Than Normal

Many people are so focused on looking for signs of a problem on the exterior of their buildings, that they forget to consider other clues.

If your commercial building’s energy bill is much higher than normal, it’s likely because the building’s exterior and roof are caked in dirt (or, after a harsh winter, even things like snow and ice.)

This makes it much harder for temperatures to remain consistent in the space, so your HVAC units have to work overtime to keep you comfortable. In addition to driving up your bills, this also shortens the overall lifespan of your heating or AC unit. 

It’s time to call in the pressure washing pros. 

4. You’re Thinking of Repainting

You’ve read about the latest trends in exterior colors, and you’re ready to upgrade the look of your building. 

But before you apply that coat of paint, you should power wash your building first. 


Because even high-quality paint will have trouble sticking and going on evenly if your space’s siding is filthy. Excessive dirt and grime can even lead to paint discoloration. 

5. You’ve Noticed Green Gunk

Whether it’s on your steps, your siding, your driveway, or even the sidewalk by your building, you can’t help but notice that mold and mildew have set up shop on and around your space 

This isn’t just unsightly — it’s also a health hazard

It’s best to nip this issue in the bud ASAP by working with professional power washing services. 

Need a Professional Power Washing You Can Count On?

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, we invite you to get in touch with us to schedule a professional power washing

Whether your roof, your parking lot, your siding, or a combination of all of the above need help, we’ll help you to get it done. 

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